About Tennessee Dock Masters, LLC

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Gabriel Bowen

Daniel Chambers

How We Started

In 1995, Jim Hill wanted to add a covered slip to his existing dock and swim platform. He reached out to several residential dock builders but found no reliable options. Companies were either booked, out of business, unresponsive, or unreliable. One company even submitted an incorrect permit request before abandoning the project altogether.

Left with no solid options, Jim found a manufacturer selling a kit for a bolt-together covered slip. With the help of two friends, he assembled the slip on the beach in Waconda Bay on Chickamauga Lake. During construction, a dozen boaters expressed interest in having docks built.  Seeing this demand, Jim and his friends coordinated with the manufacturer and launched their dock-building business, Waconda DockMasters, Inc.

After over two decades of running the business, Jim Hill and Duane Pontak decided to step aside for a new generation in the summer of 2019. New owners took over, changing the name to Tennessee Dock Masters, LLC. The new owners, Gabriel Bowen and Daniel Chambers, friends since 2004 and business partners since 2015, shared a passion for docks, boating, and lake life. 

Decades of Experience & Results

Though the name has changed and the ownership is different, Tennessee Dock Masters, LLC is committed to building upon the previous decades of experience and results. And the company is determined to reach even greater heights.

While other dock builders have come and gone, we remain committed to the basic principle we had when the company was founded: we do not build a "cheap" dock. Tennessee Dock Masters, LLC uses the proper construction techniques for a marine environment. Our docks, seawalls, and boat lifts are designed and built to withstand hydraulic pressure and changes in seasonal water levels.

Over the last 25 years, our business has learned what works best. We've improved the materials we use, enhanced our techniques and procedures, and have been able to ensure that what we build and install lasts for decades. We are committed to working with clients to create the best design for their needs and meet the permit approval requirements.

Originally, Waconda DockMasters, Inc. built only floating docks. Over the years, they expanded production to stationary and floating docks and began installing boat lifts. Today, Tennessee Dock Masters, LLC continues to enhance our offerings by building and repairing seawalls, handling erosion control maintenance, and coordinating new installs. We are committed to working with clients and suppliers to find the perfect fit for our clients' needs and location.

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