Shoreline Stabilization

Protect Your Shoreline From Erosion

Shoreline Erosion Controls

Seawall - Shoreline Retaining Wall Construction

Shoreline erosion controls can take a few different forms. One of them is seawall, or shoreline retaining wall, construction. In the Chattanooga area, seawalls, like docks, require TVA permits and approval. Once the approval is obtained, we can provide the construction services you need to erect a seawall on your property. If you have noticed part of your seawall falling, need seawall cap repair, or are interested in getting a quote on seawall repair cost per foot, contact Tennessee Dock Masters, LLC. Our team is ready and able to build you a new seawall or help you maintain or repair your existing one. Chattanooga area residents looking for seawall construction companies near them should contact us today.

Tennessee Dock Masters mainly builds and installs two types of seawalls: Redi-Rock and concrete.

Redi-Rock Seawalls

Redi-Rock seawalls use engineered block systems to provide shoreline stabilization. They are ideal for retention ponds, riverbanks, homes, marinas, and more. Redi-Rock seawalls are aesthetically pleasing, fully functional solutions to prevent erosion and add beauty to any waterfront. If you have a shoreline that needs stabilizing, Redi-Rock seawalls are the versatile solution you can trust.

Concrete Seawalls

Concrete seawalls have been used for centuries to prevent erosion and protect property. Strong and effective, new concrete seawalls generally last between 40 and 50 years, provided they are built and installed correctly. Concrete seawalls are built onsite and customized to their setting. The process, from start to finish, takes between a month and a half and two and a half months. When completed, concrete seawalls provide reliable and lasting protection.

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