Frequently Asked Questions

A common misconception among many of our customers before building a dock is that the appearance of a floating dock is limited to only a few options. However, this is not the case. The longevity of floating docks comes from the aluminum material it is made from. And although the majority of floating docks you may see while boating is silver/aluminum, the dock experts at Tennessee Dock Masters can build customized docks and powder the appearance to match your exact vision for your waterfront property. In regards to the color choices of your floating dock, the options are just about limitless. We have many different powdered coated color options that allow your customized floating dock to match your residential home, correlate with your PWC, or simply stand out as the best dock on the lake. Oh, and did we mention it? Aluminum docks are rust-free, so remember that having a dock that lasts forever, or even a dock in general, gives you instant equity in your home or waterfront property.

What exactly qualifies as a dock remodeling project? A project can be considered a dock remodel when updates and renovations can be made to your existing dock structure. If your dock's existing "bones" cannot support the new renovations or additions, it may be time for a new construction dock. However, during your free consultation with one of our dock experts, we will give you our honest, professional opinion on whether your current dock can support your new vision. Because a fixed or floating dock is a huge asset for your waterfront home, we want to ensure that your investment and your family are protected when utilizing your dock.

For some dock owners, a dock remodel may be an opportunity to add additional slips, extend the usable square footage, or update the appearance of your dock. However, remodeling may become necessary if your dock hasn't received the proper maintenance over the years. Although some docks require less maintenance than others, no dock can withstand all the harsh environmental factors it comes in contact with.

Regardless of the reason behind your future dock remodeling project, Tennessee Dock Masters, LLC has the expertise and craftsmanship to revitalize your dock to be the space you and your family need. If you are in Eastern Tennessee and are looking for a quality boat dock remodel near you, your first call should be Tennessee Dock Masters. Let us put our knowledge, experience, and skill to work for you. Call today for a free estimate!

In simple terms, Shoreline Stabilization is a way to control erosion on waterfront properties. Stabilizing a shoreline can demand a variety of techniques and materials, but methods have the same goal in mind - to minimize the amount of risk to your property and avoid adverse environmental impacts. With over 25 years of stabilizing shorelines, Tennessee Dock Masters knows what it takes to protect your property and the surrounding environment.

Like any land that may touch water, waterfront property is always susceptible to erosion. In addition to erosion eating away at the usable acreage of your backyard, erosion can also damage the "edge" area - where the land and water meet - that provides essential habitats for fish, insects, and other wildlife. The vegetation on the "edge" area also allows for better water quality by filtering out pollutants from stormwater runoff, therefore keeping water bodies cleaner.

Although your boat may offer entertainment and relaxation while in the water, it should spend most of its time outside the water. Using the water to store your boat while you're not using it can cause damage and even decrease the value of your boat. As a result, your boat will require more maintenance and work from you, meaning you get less time enjoying your boat and more time (and money) on repairs. That's why boat lifts are so important.

Boat lifts are designed to keep your boat out of the water, minimizing the environmental's negative effects and protecting your watercraft. By lifting your boat out of the water, you can prevent corrosion and exterior damage to your boat, such as surface stains and algae build-up. Corrosion can be costly- requiring a new paint job and any other repairs that may be needed. Boat owners can also have peace of mind when using a lift, knowing that their boat isn't knocking around the dock due to wakes and weather, and on the flip side, it isn't knocking nearby structures.


  • Wave Armor makes both boat and PWC ports. These drive-on/drive-off ports are available for PWCs and boats up to 8,000 pounds. Made of molded polyethylene shells, these ports provide the perfect solution for your boat or personal watercraft. They also make getting your vehicle in and out of the water easy. Call today to learn about Wave Armor and how their product may fit your needs.
  • Hydro Hoist Boat Lifts are available in various styles and can be used for boats and PWCs from 1,500 to 32,000 pounds. They can be used for pontoon, skiing, fishing, personal watercraft, and more. There are shallow water lift options, center lift options, and front mount options. When you need a dependable, efficient boat or PWC lift, you need Hydro Hoist Boat Lifts.
  • Tide Tamer is internationally recognized and is a great choice for quality and value. Boat lifts from Tide Tamer are designed to withstand harsh environments. Their lifts are unique in design, allowing them to be mounted completely out of the water. They also use superior structural elements that enhance and increase the performance of the boat lift.