Fixed Dock

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Fixed docks are a stylish, functional feature for your waterfront property

Regardless of whether you refer to fixed docks as stationary or permanent docks, all three terms represent the same thing: a fixed or secured permanently underwater with pilings. Fixed docks are comparatively more traditional and conventional than floating ones, typically seen right on the edge of residential or commercial waterfront properties. Tennessee Dock Masters is known for their solid construction of fixed docks, ensuring that all its customers have a sturdy dock that can withstand choppy waters and winds that occasionally occur during the year. You can easily distinguish a fixed dock from a floating dock by the piling, which secures the dock to the bottom of the river's floor.

Custom Fixed Dock Builder

Tennessee Dock Masters has experience designing and building fixed docks from various materials, but treated wood and composite decking have proved to be the most popular. In addition to some of the standard blueprints we have created for new construction, most of our clients use our custom dock-building capabilities. Although standard plans can streamline the dock-building process, we know that sometimes these plans don't fit your needs or the requirements of your property. Because of this, we pride ourselves on being Tennessee's top custom dock builders. So whether you are looking for a smaller, single-slip dock or to finally build your two-story dream dock for your family, Tennessee Dock Masters should be your first call when starting this process. Interested in some of the custom options that we offer? Check out our different roofing and decking options!

Customized Options on your Fixed Dock are Endless

After completing the permitting process, Tennessee Dock Masters can begin to help you with the more fun aspects of your new construction dock. When it comes to fixed docks, many design options can make your dock custom to your needs. For example, there are many different colors of roofs that you can choose from. There are various colors and textures of decking. One of the unique customization options we offer is low voltage lighting for your dock and band wrapping for your composite decking. These add-ons can add value to your fixed dock monetarily and in functionality.

However, whatever customized options you may choose, we will always stand by our promise to never cut corners or take shortcuts when building your dock. A stationary dock from Tennessee Dock Masters is a long-term investment that will become a mainstay in your family's life. If you are in or near Chattanooga and are looking for a professional, trustworthy dock-building company to take charge of your fixed dock project, call Tennessee Dock Masters, LLC. Our team of dock-building experts is ready to support any vision you have in mind.

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